To use ICE 2.6 or 2.61 with MetaStock 10.0 or 10.1:
1. Uninstall ICE using "Add/Remove Programs" in the Window Control Panel (Dont worry, uninstalling will not affect your existing ICE trading sytems).
2. Close MetaStock.
3. Install the latest version of ICE 2.62 by clicking here: Download ICE 2.62
4. Choose "Run" to start the installation.
** Note that when you are installing the Step 1 and Step 2 components, you will be prompted to "Overwrite" some exisitng ICE components. You MUST click "Overwrite" to proceed.

To use ICE with Windows Vista:
1. After receiving your Step 1 and Step 2 emails, save the installation EXEs to a folder on your computer (even your desktop if you wish).
2. Right-click on the Step 1 and Step 2 EXEs and choose “Run as Administrator”

Thank you!

John Slauson
Creator, ICE for MetaStock

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